5 Tips To Follow During Summer Months

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A roof that is too hot is never a good thing, and in fact, the surface temperature on a black roof can be more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit above the air temperature, which can put your roof’s temperature over 150 degrees! That means the heat absorbed by a traditional shingle or tile roof raises the temperature inside the house, making you very hot, not to mention, potentially increasing your energy usage with fans or air conditioning.

Keeping your roof cool can reduce the use of air conditioning and put more money back in your wallet. There are several ways to keep your roof cool. Click here for more information on how your roof creates a big impact in dealing with seasonal change.

Moreover, here are five key points to ensure your comfort this summer.

Tip #1: Reflective Shingles

Consider some of the most effective products on the market today to reduce overall energy consumption, which will significantly save you money in the long run. Solar reflective shingles are one of those superior products that reflect and absorb infrared radiation from the sun. This helps to reduce the heat that would usually be transferred to the interior of your home. Selecting reflective shingles also will help to keep the inside cooler and reduce the strain on your HVAC. Landmark Solaris from CertainTeed is one of the top reflective shingle products on the market today, which we highly recommend and install quite often for our residential roofing customers. In addition to shingles, there are concrete tile products on the market that work effectively and provide a beautiful aesthetic look.

Tip #2: Attic Ventilation and Insulation 

Many people don’t know that their attic is an integral part of their home’s structure. Did you know that an attic also plays a role in whether your house is cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter? The attic can also control whether you incur mold, leaking, or condensation. It is essential to keep your attic insulated and ventilated in all four of the seasons, and especially if you want to stay cool in the summer. It is easy for your attic to become overheated, so there are solutions such as installing a power vent that can speed the process of cooling your attic. Something else to keep in mind is having the correct number of intake and exhaust vents. This helps with attic ventilation, and when in doubt, ask your roofing contractor.

Tip #3: Get a Cool, Lighter-Colored Roof

Going from a dark to a light-colored roof can help. Have your old black or dark-colored shingles replaced with either a lighter-colored shingle or tile. This switch to a lighter-colored shingle or tile roof means that your home’s roof will reflect more heat and absorb less into your home. In other words, lighter-colored roofs reflect sun rays more efficiently, but dark-colored roofs transfer and absorb more of the heat.

Tip #4: Increase Shade

Another great way to keep your roof cool in summer is to increase the number of shade trees or tall vegetation around your house. Keep in mind a safe distance between your home and trees that you plant, so that their branches don’t damage your roof. You can read more on that from a previous post, “How far should tree branches be from the roof?“. Naturally, well-kept trees can create shade, which will keep your roof cooler and greatly lower the heat and absorption of the sun.

Tip #5: Install Solar Panels

Covering the roof with solar panels is another way you can keep temperatures down on your roof. The solar panels comprise photovoltaic cells and block the heat from hitting the roof. Instead, these panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. Not only does it keep you cool, but it is also good for the environment and for keeping your bills down.

The summer is upon us, and while many people focus on keeping themselves cool, they neglect to keep their roof cool in the summer months. It might not be something you’ve thought of before, but if your roof is kept cool, your home’s interior will be substantially cooler.

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