Common Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Metal

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According to one of the best contractors in roofing, the Griffin Premier Roofing, one of the little-known benefits to metal roofs is that you can paint them. When you paint traditional roof shingles a lot can go wrong. If you choose the wrong kind of paint and do not apply it appropriately, you can compromise your roof and open yourself up to moisture problems. 

When you are painting a metal roof, while there are some things to consider to get the best possible results, there are not the same fears associated with ruining your roof. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when painting your metal roof.

Using Leftover Paint

If you have previously painted your shutters and door to match and would like to paint your roof in the same color, it is best to get the right paint and do your best to match it or have it custom mixed, then to just use leftover paint. For one, you will not have enough leftover to paint your whole roof. Two, the paint is probably not the right kind. There are benefits to going the extra mile and purchasing metal roofing paint. Metal roofing paint is often heat and fire-resistant and can also repel pests to keep them out of your attic.

Going without an Energy-Efficient Paint

A good paint contains polymeric materials like acrylic and titanium dioxide. This particular type of paint is thicker than the standard ones and the specific contents make the paint both reflective and opaque. A metal roof can get extreme, which means that they can absorb a lot of sun rays and heat the entire house. When an energy efficient paint is used, they reflect the sunlight, keeping the house cool in the process, reducing the need of air conditioners, thus saving energy. These paints are also extremely effective against leaks for water can find a difficulty penetrating them for their opaque nature.

Skipping the Use of Sealant

A sealant is not just an additional layer of protection; it chemically bonds the paint to the metal so that it does not peel off. Sealant is incredibly important in making sure that your paint job stays in place and that you will have a beautiful roof for years to come.

Incorrect Application Method

A common mistake when painting your metal roof is to use too much or too little paint or to put it on in a method that will lead to peeling and problems down the line. An airless sprayer is the best way to paint a metal roof, but you can use rollers and brushes that are designed for use on metal.

Not Preparing Your Roof

If your roof is new, you must wait six months before painting so it can weather. Before you paint, you also need to pressure wash at a pressure of 2,500 lbs per square inch. By power washing, you remove oil, mildew, mold and anything else that will get in the way of the paint adhering. It also will remove old paint and give you a great substrate to paint onto. Do not skip this step!

Not Paying Attention to Your Roof After Painting

Homeowners make a striking mistake by not paying attention to the roof once the painting process is complete. Even after the painting process is complete, cleaning up the roof with a mixture of bleach, liquid detergent and water once every six months is extremely important. Also, once a month, the debris needs to be cleaned. Dead leaves and branches should be moved to ensure smooth working of the gutter. If frequent inspection is held, not only the paint but even the roof will last longer by four to five years.

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