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The aesthetics of your home are very personal and emotional. Griffin Premier Roofing, they are one the best local roofing companies in Georgia that offers the best quality of roofing that will help you boost your home’s curb appeal. They aim to install the type of roofing that will suit you best. The reason why is because it is very rare that someone will do something to their home’s exterior that they do not believe will maintain or enhance their home’s beauty. So in this article, let’s talk about how the right roof can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

How Does a Roof Impact Curb Appeal?

An attractive, well-maintained roof can boost the overall appeal of your home’s exterior and bring together your windows, doors, siding, and landscaping. The right color, materials, and roof design elements make all the difference when it comes to the overall look of your house • here’s how:

  1. By complementing the color of your siding, trim, doors, and shutters
  2. By pairing the pitch and shape of your roof with your home’s architectural style to create a cohesive, aesthetically-pleasing look
  3. By acting as a ‘frame’ for your house.

Of course, a roof that’s in poor condition can have the opposite effect on the curb appeal of your home. Roofs that need to be repaired or replaced are a real eyesore, as are roofs that are dirty, made from low-quality materials or that simply don’t match the color or style of the home.

Here are some factors on the type of roofing you can check that will help to add more value to your home.

The Shape

The first thing many people recognize about a roof is its shape of it. In fact, some people prefer homes with certain roof shapes over others. For example, some owners prefer flat roofs that can hold a terrace, while others prefer steep A-shaped roofs that can fit an attic with standing space. You can’t create a roof that suits all preferences, but you can make sure yours is a high-quality option of its type.

The Material

First-time home buyers often do not have a preference for roof types beyond aesthetics. If they have lived in an apartment for years, then this is all the more likely. Seasoned home buyers may know exactly what kind of roof they want based on prior experience with roof maintenance. Consider this when choosing a roof.

The Color

Winter snow, fall leaves, and spring blossoms are just some of the things that may disguise a roof’s color. However, this does not mean that the color of your roof doesn’t matter. When choosing the color for your roof, consider the overall exterior of your home. Make sure the color of your roof compliments the color of your siding, trim, shutters, etc.

The Condition

If people remember nothing else about a house, they remember the state it was in. Was it clean or dirty? Did it look stately and sophisticated or old and broken? The roof plays a big role in this. If there are missing shingles or the colors do not line up well together, it may give the wrong impression and subtract from the curb appeal.

Understand how much a roof contributes to the overall attractiveness of your home. Many homeowners, while they would never do other things to their homes that make them look like their neighbors’ homes, never even think about how the roof can individualize and characterize their home as well. The fact is, of course, for many homes, 50 – 60% or even more of the home’s visible shell is the roof. The roof is a design element of your home, not just a necessity.

All other things being equal, a prospective buyer of your home will be more interested in your home, and hence pay a higher price for that home, if it is more beautiful than other homes.

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