Why Preventative Maintenance is Better Than Repairs

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Even though it might not be something you think about every day, your roof might be the most important part of your home.Your roof protects you from the rain and other elements that your home is exposed to on a daily basis.

It’s easy to forget about, though, because depending on the size of your home, your roof is usually out of sight and out of mind. That’s why, unlike the many other areas of your home, your roof may rarely receive regular maintenance if you only make high quality roof repairs if it’s already worn out.

Fortunately, many roofs last for years, especially if you perform regular roof inspections and take steps to properly maintain your roof. Properly maintaining your roof will help your roof last longer and help you avoid roof replacements. 

It Increases The Lifespan and Avoids Early Roof Replacements

All roofing materials come with a guarantee on how long they should last.  Most of them, asphalt shingles, for example, will last for around twenty years. But certain factors could cause them to go bad before their time is up. That’s why regular roof maintenance is so important.

It Helps Catch Problems Early

Like most other things, if problems are caught in time, they can be fixed. If you own your home, you know the distress that comes with finding out that your home needs a large repair. A roof repair is no different.

Allowing a small problem to sit for years can cause rot and other structural issues to your home. When this happens, you may need a local roofer to replace your entire roof, which is significantly more expensive than a simple repair.

It Saves Money In The Long-Term

Regular maintenance to your roof will save you money on roof replacement costs, but repair costs will also be cheaper when problems are caught in the early stages. The money you invest in a roof maintenance program is minor when you compare it to the cost of major repairs that come with a lack of maintenance. Even small leaks that a roof maintenance plan would have picked up can end up costing you thousands of dollars in water damage.

It Keeps Problems From Getting Worse

Many homeowners don’t realize there’s anything wrong with their roof until they spot a leak. But by then, the problem is often much larger than it appears. Water from a leak caused by a storm or high winds can infiltrate your attic and damage your insulation and wood framing even before you notice a leak.

Roof leaks are tricky because gravity can make them appear far from where the leak actually is. Regular inspections performed under a roof maintenance plan can help locate problems that haven’t appeared in your home yet. 

It Improves Your Curb Appeal

Proper maintenance will even improve your curb appeal. Keeping the algae and moss off of your roof and replacing damaged or missing shingles will keep your roof aesthetically pleasing for years. Performing minor repairs and keeping up with regular roof maintenance will keep up its physical appearance.

There’s nothing like being at peace, and that’s exactly what proper roof maintenance can do for you. With regular roof maintenance, you will never have to worry if your roof is in good condition or if you have a leak that could be creating mold or causing rot.

By having your roof regularly checked and performing proper roof maintenance, you will know that everything is in optimal condition. And if you do discover a small problem, you can have it fixed right away. Not knowing if your home has any structural damage or not is never a good thing. So give yourself some peace of mind and find out for sure.

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